Proclaiming Creation in a Scientific Age

Kingsmead Baptist Church
Friday 4th December 2015
6:30pm & 8:00pm

Philip Bell & Florin Monanu

Free Entry—Doors Open at 6:15pm

6:30pm The Credibility of Genesis - does it stand up to Scientific Scrutiny?

Philip Bell - BSc(Hons) zoology; PGCE; CBiol MRSB

Philip Bell - Creation Ministries International
Philip is a scientist and educator. He studied biology and geology at the University of Wales (Swansea), graduating in zoology in 1989. For nine years he worked at a cancer research unit in chemosensitivity testing. During the 1990s, he was also a member of the Postgraduate School of Medicine, Bath University and co-authored a number of papers in secular medical journals. Since January 2007, he has been CEO of Creation Ministries International (UK/Europe) and is a contributor to Creation magazine, the Journal of Creation and CMI’s website.

8:00pm Flood Warning!

Florin Mocanu - Pastor

Florin Mocanu - Creation Ministries International
As a pastor, Florin sees the theories of Big Bang and evolution as the main obstacle when trying to engage with non-Christians, but particularly with the younger generation. In their thinking, Big Bang and evolution ‘explain’ how the universe and life appeared, so God becomes redundant. This is why Florin organises sessions for the children and youth ministry in the church he serves in. His aim is both to explain what the Bible teaches about creation and to show that scientific observations fit with this. Teaching on creation is a regular part of the curriculum. Also, he regularly touches on these issues in his sermons for the whole congregation
Kingsmead Baptist Church Building
Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ
Titus 2:13

Kingsmead Baptist Church meets in the old Wesleyan chapel at Hilltop in Hednesford. This is a historic place where the founder of the Methodist Church, John Wesley, used to preach long ago. At one time, Wesley traveled every fortnight to Manchester, and on his journey, he would stop at Cross Keys coach station.

After awhile, he asked himself why he wasn't doing any preaching there, especially since he came there so often. He then started preaching under a large tree outside the coach station. Soon after, a wooden hut was erected on Hilltop to keep Wesley and his listeners dry from wind and rain. In 1890, the shed was torn down and on the very same premises there was built a chapel. This chapel has now become known as Kingsmead Baptist Church.

The mission of Kingsmead Baptist Church is to build relationships that will draw others to Christ, to encourage spiritual growth, to equip all for service, and to motivate and facilitate each for ministry to the glory of Jesus Christ.

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